Monday, August 25, 2008

Flipping the pads for giants!

August 24th, 2008

I was on a local lake today with my girlfriend hoping she would finally catch her fish largemouth. We had a light SW wind again and water temperature was about 74 in most places. We went directly to a spot where I've caught quality largemouth before and I told her where to cast but I think the lack of clouds and the direct sunlight made them very hard to target. We tried the frog and got few attacks but couldn't get one in the boat as usual.... I figured we should've been looking for shade and as soon as we found some the action started right away. My friend Marc came to meet me on the water and he caught a bass that I had missed twice this month right in my face!!! I knew that fish was big when I missed it and when he landed it I was more then happy for him!! He nearly lost it in his trolling motor but he finally managed to bring it in the boat. I continued to fish this spot and hooked one just a bit bigger about 5 minutes later. Those largemouths were 18.5" and 19" but they were FAT. I didn't weigh them but I'm pretty sure they would've been very close to 5lbs. We took a few pictures and back in the water they went! My girlfriend was a bit disappointed she didn't catch her first largemouth but the season is still young and they'll be many other occasion to catch one.