Monday, October 19, 2009

More fall footballs!

October 12th, 2009

I was back on the water again with Marc-André today to try to find more spots for next year. Marc and I decided we are going to do the SUPERBASS trail ( so we are trying to find as many spots as possible for next season. Water temps were still in the mid 50's and we had a 10kmh W wind for most of the day.

We started shallow as usual and caught a few smallmouths in the 2.5lbs range. It didn't take long before we decided to go find some new drifts in deeper water... The first few drifts didn't really pay off.. I was trying to explore the areas I had fish with my dad 2 days before but it seemed like the fish had moved a bit. We finally managed to get one or two fish over 3+ and made sure to mark them on the GPS... We continued on with our drifts picking up fish here and there when I finally hooked something that felt more then decent. She was fighting more then any other fish this season.... After a hard fought battle, Marc was able to net her for me and we both couldn't believe how big it was. Not long after my big fish, Marc also hooked another good one in close to 30fow. At that point we thought we might have a chance at a 20lbs bag for our 5 biggest if we could catch one or two other 3-4 pounders.

Unfortunately, we had to call it a day and I knew we were around the same weight as usual... I was really anxious to see how much my big fish weight though. After having another good look at her I was quiet sure she was over 5lbs and I usually guess too light that way i'm always happily surprised if it's heavier. My dad and I had lost the scale at the fall tournament so this was a brand new scale (the same berkley TEC). The weight showed 4.10lbs.... We weighed it 3 times just to make sure and that's pretty much what it was give or take an ounce every time. Now that I think of it, we should've at least measure her because she felt and looked much bigger then the 4lbs i've been catching lately. I will try to test the scale with some sort of weight to see if maybe it's off?!

Overall, it was a very nice day for Team Belanger-Barretti with another bag of about 18lbs. We've been catching so many nice fish lately and i'm pretty sure the huge ones will come soon!