Monday, October 27, 2008

The JohnnyFisher Challenge

October 26th, 2008

I was back on the water today with my dad for a friendly tournament against Marc and Felix. We left the boat launch at around 9 am for what was going to be an awesome day to catch giant smallies! Water temperature was around 50 in the morning and warmed up to 54 in the afternoon with a light wind from the S. The day started a lot slower then last week and we had to relocate a few times before we finally found a few fish. The first fish we caught was a tiny walleye that was way too small to eat! I didn't have any fish following my jerkbait so I quickly switched to tubes and gobies and it paid off!! I recently bought some new gobies on the internet and I was anxious to see if there were going to be good here... On my 3rd cast with my new lure I caught a 5lbs smallmouth!! In less then 15 minutes I had 3 other bass eat the goby!! Thank god I bought a big bag!! I have a feeling I'll have a rod rigged with them at all time from now on! When I noticed the water had warmed up by almost 4 degrees I decided to go back to a spot where we usually catch a lot of fish. We began catching fish on almost every cast but nothing bigger then 2lbs...

At one point Marc called me up to see if I could take a picture of a nice sturgeon he caught by mistake so we met up for a little photoshoot. I had never seen a sturgeon in person before. It's pretty impressive!

I think seeking for warm water got us our last 2 quality fish... The next spot we tried had water temp over 54 and my dad caught a nice 4lbs 10oz smallmouth and I caught another keeper of about 2.5lbs. We met up with Marc and Felix for a few pictures and the official weigh in but when we took our bass out of the livewell they didn't even want to weigh they're fish!! Overall we had a great day, not only did we catch about 20 bass but we caught 2 very nice ones! The season is NOT over yet!