Monday, July 20, 2009

Tournament fishing

July 18th, 2009

Our day wasn't as good as I had anticipated but we still managed to finish in 8th place with a bag of 13.124lbs... We started the day by throwing moving bait for our smallies and by 9:30 we had our limit in the boat. We started culling on our second spot when I caught a near 3lbs smallie on a jerkbait. We didn't stay there very long though.. there was a spot where we had caught many 4-5lbs fish in the past that I wanted to try so we headed there around 10:45am. We dragged tubes and senkos for about an hour and managed to switch almost all of our fish but only by a few onces... We decided to try a shallower area and that's when we came across some giant smallies... We spooked about 3-4 very big fish before I managed to get our lunker of 4.728lbs in the boat.. She was in less then 2 feet of water.

From there we decided go try for some largemouth since the wind was becoming stronger and stronger. I missed 2 very big largies on the frog (as usual) and I wasn't able to convince her to bite on the worm or the jig... It was hard to get the boat in the proper position without spooking them with the trolling motor... That's when a power pole comes in handy...

My dad also caught his biggest walleye to date. A 8lbs 2oz monster that bit on his tube in about 10 feet of water. We obviously released him after a few pictures.

Next weekend I will be practicing for our tourny on the Ottawa river and I should be fishing with a guide on Lake St-Louis for bass and walleye.