Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cranking for some smallies!

October 3rd, 2009

After all those fishing trips on Francis I decided to go see what was going on on the St-Louis today with Caro. Water temps are in the high 50's now and I decided it was time to give the crankbaits a try. I have stupid amount them, a nice crankbait rod and yet I never fish with crankbaits. It only took a few cast before I hooked a good smallmouth on the good ol' Cotton Cordell Big O. It only hit the rear treble so I wasn't sure if they were telling me to try a slower and more subtle approach. Caro was fishing with a tube so I sticked with my crankbait and caught a few more decent fish. It wasn't one fish after the other but we were still catching fish and it was fun to finally catch them on a crankbait.

We didn't fish for a very long time but I was able to mark at least 2-3 new spots on the GPS. I've told myself that I need to find at least one new spot everytime i'm on the water and I think it helped it a whole lot this year.