Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Figuring out the puzzle, one piece at a time

Sept 27th, 2009

After seeing all those big smallmouths yesterday I decided to go back on Francis in order to try to find a few of them. I keep hearing about a pattern and it seems to be way to catch those big bass so I headed out with Caro hoping to figure it out. The weather was suppose to be awful with East winds and rain but they were dead wrong.... We got there and it was almost perfect to find new spots.. the only thing we were missing was the sun. We didn't fish for a very long time but I was able to mark a few spots on the GPS where I would like to try in the future. I tried looking for more active fish with the jerkbait but I was only able to get one small bass with it. Knowing they were a bit sluggish I knew the right approach was probably the tube or a slower presentation with a weightless worm but I was looking for spots and let's just say the tube doesn't really cover a lot of water. Looking for new spots is not always the most exciting thing but it's the only way to find new fish and eliminate water at the same time.

No fish worthy pictures today!