Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More gear!

Jan 13th, 2010

After adding a few new rods to my arsenal, I decided it was time a little upgrade for my reels as well. Thanks to some buddies, I was able to find a few good deals on some pretty decent reels!
For baitcast, I will be mostly using Revo's next season. I now have 2 Revo Premiers, 1 Revo STX, a Shimano Curado, a Daiwa Zillion and a Pflueger Summit. I'm looking at maybe adding a Revo Winch to the line up but I think I could probably start the season with what I already have.
Now for spinning I was very impressed with the Pflueger Supreme XT... I honestly think that for the price those reels are hard to beat! I just purchased 2 of them and I can't wait to see how they will handle those mean brown fish! I have a feeling I might add 2 more of those yellow reels to match my new St-Croix's!!

I've also added 2 new rods to the collection. A 7'3" MH St.Croix Avid series that I will be using for pitching and a 7' H (Slop n' Frog) St.Croix Legend Tournament which i'm still debating if i'm going to use for froggin or flipping... Perhaps both, only time will tell!

My next acquisition should be 1 or 2 finesse rods for wacky, drop-shot and tubing. Yes... I need to have multiple tube rods!!