Monday, February 8, 2010

B1 Registration & Fishin-Canada Swap and Sell

Feb 6th, 2010

Although there was no fishing involve, this was kinda of a big weekend for me. It started saturday morning at 5:45am for my B1 registration. I wanted to send my registration as soon as possible to secure a spot in the top 50. I ended up with #4 which is not bad considering at least 30 people were up trying to the same thing!! Now I know I will be launching with the first wave. For more info about the Berkley B1 visit .

I then proceeded to the first ever Fishin-Canada Swap & Sell at the anglers club in Lachine. It was nice to see the guys and finally be able to talk about fishing. I was also there to pick up a few orders I had placed for next season. I don't think I've ever bought this many lures before but at least they are all the same color now... or almost! I think I won't have to buy any tubes for the next 2 years with this order.

A few pics of the meeting: