Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bass season is finally here!

June 17th, 2011

It feels good to finally be back on the water hunting for some big bass!! Although the fishing season started over a month ago... The REAL season only started today!. My dad had to cancel Econobass this year due to health issues. It's nothing serious and we'll be fishing plenty of times together this season but tournament fishing can be extreme at times. I will be fishing Econobass with Caro, the Lions the Lefaivre with Ben Woo and the Berkley B1 with Marc-André Barretti along with a few Fishin-Canada.net ripples mixed in.

Unfortunately, I don't have any reports from my earlier trips to Lake Champlain but I was there twice in the spring and fishing was very interesting with the ridiculously high water. We fished the north side and didn't really hooked any big fish but it's always fun to fish this lake. It's unfortunate that the conditions were that bad... I would've loved to go a few more times.

I was also out for a few pike and walleye trips and we caught some nice ones! I caught my biggest pike on a small lake up north and Caro caught an 7lbs walleye on Lac St-Louis.

Here are a few spring fishing pics :