Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walleye Fishing 101

May 14th, 2009

I was on the water with my friend Jack for a few hours of walleye fishing today and learned a thing or two! We tried a few spots before we could finally hook a few fish... On the last spot we tried we came across my old boat! The guy who bought my old boat is a walleye angler and he told me what he was catching them with! I didn't take long before we finally started to catch fish. Jack hooked up the first walleye and I caught one as well not long after.. Unfortunatly they were too small to keep but at least I learned how to jig properly. I have to say; jigging for walleye is really not the most exciting way to fish but it does catch fish...

Considering we still have a month to go before the season starts, I guess I will be "jigging" for walleye again soon! We were catching fish in anywhere from 8 to 40 feet of water but I think what was important is the current close by. We were fishing close to strong current and I believe the walley was staying close by to feed. We had almost no wind and water temp was around 50-52F.