Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fishing Paradise!!

June 24, 25, 26th, 2009

We were up north for a few days with friends in St-Aimé-Du-Lac-Des-Iles on a lake I had never been before... Lac Des Iles is definitely one of the nicest place I have ever been bass fishing. The amount of bass you can catch in a day is unbelievable.... It would've been impossible to keep count of how many bass we caugh. Both smallies and largies are EVERYWHERE... You get bit at least every 2nd cast. Granted we caught our share of small bass but everyone single one of them were a blast to fight back to the boat. You catch so many fish that you start looking for big ones quickly and we found a few chunky fish on our first day. Actually, Caro was on fire and she caught ALL the big fish on her favorite yamamoto bait. She caught 2x 19"+ and lost another one in less then 15 mins...

Water temps were anywhere between 75 and 80 as the day went on and slightly warmer in isolated bays. Water is very clear and we had very little wind the whole time we were there which made sight fishing a lot of fun. The weather was mostly sunny with clear skys and we have the sunburns that came with it!!

It was a very relaxing trip with a lot of time spent on the bass boat. I will definitely make this a yearly trip and try to book the same cottage. Enjoy the pictures!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Berkley B1

June 18-21st, 2009

Well... It's been a very busy but awsome week with the B1 event. I didn't get to practice nearly enough eventhough it's my home lake.... The fish were a lot shallower then I though and my spots didn't produce as well as usual... It was my first big event and eventhough we didn't make the cut i'm satisfied with my weekend in general. We missed 2 very good fish that would've easily helped us make the cut for sunday.... We missed it by less then 2lbs... It was nice to fish against real pros like Kalonka, Kulik, Sim, Attwood, Izumi, Desforges, Gaussiran, Landry, Cousineau, etc..

Congrats to André Laforce and Michel Gramina on the win!! Over 35lbs with an amazing largemouth lunker of 7.2lbs!!!

It was a great event and I'm definitely doing it again next year!! Ben and his team worked hard for this event and it showed! I think they will take all the feedbacks and make it even better for next year.

Next tournament is Lac Des Deux Montagnes for the first event of Econ O Bass. I cannot wait for this... Practice is in order though... I almost never fish this lake but I know there are some awsome smallies there!!

I'm off to Lac Des Iles for a few days. First time on this lake but I hear bass fishing there is amazing!! Looking forward to this trip!!

Pictures of the B1:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally paying off!

June 7th, 2009

I was out with my friend Marc and the girlfriends today trying to catch a nice walleye dinner.

I've been trying all kinds of new lures that I have never used before but I think we found something pretty effective today... I'm also new to the concept of jigging..I don't usually fish vertically for bass but I think i'm slowly getting the hang of it. I tried a few lines and fireline is definately my favorite type of line for this type of fishing. Keeping a tight line is critical to feel those tiny bites and fluorocarbon or mono just don't have enough sensivity in my opinion.

We started fishing late in the afternoon at a spot where I usually catch a few small ones and Marc caugh the first one which ended being perfect eating size. We stayed there a bit and missed a few fish until we decided to try another area nearby that was a bit shallower but with a fair amount of current.

Changing spot ended up being the right decision.. It took less then 10 cast before Marc hooked the biggest walleye I had ever seen in about 10 feet of water. We even had a hard time fitting it in the net!!

It was a thrill to see a walleye of this size.. It only weighed in under 8lbs but it looked like it could've been way heavier then that... I can only imagine how big a quinte 15lbs walleye must be..

All in all it was a fun day with the girlfriends on the water and we caught fish for diner!