Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010,

Almost a month since my last update... There has been a few fishing trips since and 2 tournaments. The Econobass Ottawa river tournament did not go well at all... I had all kinds of issues with my trolling motor and was only able to fish for a few hours. I was so upset at the end of the day that I didn't even weigh in the only fish we had caught. Fishing was hard for most teams as only one bag over 15lbs was brougth to the scales.... Congrats to Gary Girard for his first place!

With the help of my sponsor, I also organized my first friendly "ripple" ever and ended up with 19 teams for the first annual "Smackdown on Louis" which took place August 15th on beautiful lake St-Louis. Caro and I finished in 10th place with a limit of 3 bass weighing exactly 9.00lbs. Congrats to André Ouellet and Claude Joannette who won it with amazing 12.50lbs. I believe the event was a succes and look forward to organizing it again next year.

Ben and I also had an amazing day on the Les Cèdres basin where we caught over 80 bass... That place is a fish factory and is loaded with 2-3lbs smallies. There is also a good amount of largemouth with decent size as well. I will be participating in a friendly ripple there on Sept 5th.

Next tournament is on my favorite body of water, lake St-Francis in St-Zotique. I've been looking forward to this one and I really hope I can bring in a decent bag... From what I hear, practice has been hard for everyone so it'll be interesting to see what kind of weights will be needed to win. The lake has potential for multiple bags over 20lbs but fishing has been tough lately and I would be surprised to see more then 2-3 bags over the 20lbs mark.

Photos will be uploaded soon!