Monday, September 29, 2008


September 26-27th, 2008

I decided to sell my aluminum boat for a bassboat about 2 months ago and I had been shopping for bassboats since then. After looking at thousands of ads and talking with several bassboat owners I decided to drive down to Ladoga, Indiana with my dad to pick up a 1998 19" BassCat with a 1999 Merci EFI 200hp. We were blown away when we saw the condition of the boat in person... it was even better then the pictures I had received by email! It took us 15 hours to go and about 18 hours to come back but it was well worth the drive.... I had been waiting for this for such a long time and it's now finally in my driveway!! Not sure if it's going to improve my fishing at all but at least I'll be able to try new spots that seemed to far with my 50hp. I can't wait to try it on our lakes here.