Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Practice with Quebec's elite!!

July 12th, 2009

I was fishing with no other then Brian Attwood today for a little practice/learning session on Francis. Brian is a great guy and I learned tons of new things today. Not only did I learn a lot of new fishing tips but also with the boat, GPS, rods, lines, lures, etc...

For those who care... Brian did not "give" me all his spots.. We fished some new areas using his techniques and not only did we catch some nice bass we also saw some nice ones just cruising around or following our baits. Brian is a real pro when it comes to power fishing.. He keeps things very simple and he gave me one hell of a wake up call. I need to get back to basics and stop trying to make things complicated. For one, I now know that I have WAY too many baits... He basically throws the same thing over and over and it works!!! One thing I learned is that even if you spook a fish.. you can catch him a few minutes if not seconds later. He sure put my trolling motor to the test with his extreme driving!!! No push pole for him that's for sure.

We must of caught around 10-15 bass but no giants... We saw a lot of 3lbs+ fish that I hope to convince next time I'm on the water! I have a good idea of where i'll be fishing for my tournament next weekend with today and last week's practice.