Saturday, August 22, 2009

Local Tournament on St-Louis

August 8th, 2009

I was fishing a local tournament today with my girlfriend on lake St-Louis. There was about 15 teams registered in total... We started fishing for largemouth since one of our spots was really close to the launch and I immediatly hooked a nice 4.7lbs bucket! It must of been 7:03 when I caught it... What a nice way to start the day... especially for a 3 fish tourny! We continued fishing for largemouths for another hour or so but we couldn't find another one...... On our second spot we caught 2 tiny smallmouth and Caro lost a good one on the tube.... We didn't stay there much longer since we were right in the middle of a very busy area and boat traffic was getting ridiculous. I decided to try a few one bass spot quickly and none of my fish were there so we headed to another area where I know we could catch some decent smallies. In about an hour we switched our 2 smallies about 3 times... We had to get rid of 3 smallies that were 2.10lbs+.

We ended up with 3rd place and missed the lunker only by a few ounces... We had a lot of fun and we'll make sure to do it again next year!