Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New gear for 2010!

Dec 16th, 2009

It came to my attention this fall that my equipement (mostly rods) might have to be upgrated if I ever want to take bass fishing to the "next level". I've already started shopping and added a 7' M (Tube) St.Croix Legend Tournament to my arsenal. I haven't caught a fish on it yet but it's by FAR the most sensitive rod I have ever had.

I couldn't wait till Christmas and I decided to give Caro her gift in advance. A brand new St.Croix Avid Pearl Series. She is so happy about it that she's already been practicing her flipping skills in the basement. By next season she should be ready to flip some thick mats with me and hopefully catch as many largemouths as possible!

If my budget allows me, I should be adding a few more "blue rods" in my rod locker for next season. I just can't believe how light and sensitive these rods are... I can only imagine how sensitive the St.Croix Legend Extreme series rods must be. I will also be looking to upgrade my trolling motor and perhaps my electronics as well. I have also added a few new revos (premier and stx's) and if everything goes well, I should have a new Stradic CI4 for my St.Croix.

Soon I will start going through all my fishing gear and sell a lot of it. I should have a few rods and reel for sale and tons of baits as well.

New rods and more fall fishing pics!