Monday, June 21, 2010

Season Opener and 5th place finish

June 19th, 2010

Bass fishing is finally open in QC and what a good way to start the season with a tournament! I fished my first tourney with Ben today and even though we aren't completely satisfied with our overall weight we still managed to finish 5th out of 35 teams. We knew that most of the largies had been pressured in practice so we decided to go for smallies. We knew that with the right conditions our pattern could get us around 17-18lbs. Winds were howling at 30km/h with gusts over 40 but we stuck with our plan and managed to get a little over 14lbs in a few hours. We were on Ben's new Bullet and it was only it's second time out on the water and still needs a bit of fine tuning with the motor... I can assure that once everything is finally setup.. this thing will FLY!

With 2 hours before weigh in and very little battery remaining we decided to see if maybe we could find a kicker to up our weight a little. Unfortunatly, the wind made things complicated and the batteries quickly gave up.... We had to stop fishing almost an hour before weigh in but we were confident that our 14lbs bag was going to be somewhat decent considering the strong winds everybody had to deal with.

Biggest bag that day was 17lbs of largies and we finished in 5th with 14.22lbs... Not bad for the first tourney of the year.

Now it's time to practice for the Lions the Lefaivre next weekend.