Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Berkley B1 Practice

Sept 2010

I was able to put in a few days of practice mostly on weekends for the Berkley B1 but I've fished the St-Francis enough and I know that my fish are going to be where they are suppose to be. I checked out a few new things hoping to find new areas that would hold fish over 4lbs and we did every time we were out. Practice pretty much went just as planned with bags between 15 and 18lbs. I know its going to come down to the type of weather conditions we are going to have to face come tournament day and I'm somewhat confident having fished so many different conditions on this lake before. Big winds, rain and cold is what I need because I know most of my fish won't be affected by it. Marc-André and I are so pumped about this event and I really hope we can not only fish the second day but do well and perhaps even dream of a top 30.

We will see what happens! Time to clean and prep the boat to make sure everything is safe and tight for the tournament.

Few pics of decent fish caught in practice