Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Econ-O-Bass Classic

Sept 11-12, 2010

My dad, Caro and I headed to the Econobass Classic with a bunch of friends without any practice and we had never even been on that body of water. From what I was told, the place was packed with tiny fish and 2lbs bass were what we were looking for.

Day 1 was a disaster as we were only able to get 4 fish for a total of 5.26lbs. We caught tons of fish but all under 12" .. It was hard to put a pattern together since everywhere we went it looked like the perfect bass habitat. On day 2 the condition changed we needed to fish much slower to get bit. Again I wasn't able to figure out a "big" fish pattern and we brought back a disappointing bag of 5.23lbs for a 26th place.

Looking back at things I would probably fish this place differently. I definitely learned a lot about this body of water and I should do better next time.

The fishing sucked for us but we had a blast at the hotel and my good buddies Julien and Simon aka The Bassnerds put on quite a show on day one with a whopping 14.54lbs. An amazing bag for this river if you look at the past results from other trails. It was also very exciting to see Daniel Cousineau win his first classic with 2 consistant days of 11.99 and 11.84lbs.