Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Froggin for largies

June 21st, 2011

I was back on the water today with Caro and my dad for what was suppose to be a practice for The Lions of Lefaivre tournament next weekend but bass is not open in zone 10 until Thursday so we decided to hit Lake 2 Mountains instead. We had a light 10+km/h NW wind with air temps in the 20's.

We started by fishing a small river in the morning so I can get a feel of what the fish are currently doing... The mouth of the river was interesting and I wish we had spend more time there but we went in immediatly. Only to find incredibly dirty water less then 6 inches visibility ... We spent about 30 mins and were just about to leave when Caro hooked into something that bent her flipping stick in half. A 10lbs + blue catfish hammered her swimbait and gave her a fight that she will not forget. I've never been a fan of catfish or carp fishing but this catfish had me casted a few times to see if I couldn't get one of my own. Caro obviously didn't mind taking a picture of this ugly beast to say the least.

We then went for some more familiar areas to see what was going on this year with the high water. It only took about 5 mins for Caro to start putting on a froggin clinic (yes, again Caro outfishes everyone in the boat). She caught 3 decent largies in less then 20 cast before my dad and I decided it was time to do the same. We must of caught another 7 or 8 largies moving around on the trolling motor in the same area when I suddently got a brutal headache that had me put the rod down a few times.... It's a good thing I didn't stop because a big largemouth missed my frog only a few feet away from the boat.... I might of missed my frog, but I knew it was going to hit my jig. One flip and the fight was on! We took a picture and didn't think to weigh her but she looked like a solid 4lbs+. We fished an hour more and caught 1 or 2 fish but I couldn't take it anymore... 2 days of fishing with almost no sleep got the best of me.

Overall we had a nice day and I got to see the lake a bit. In my opinion some fish are still close to beds and slowly entering post-spawn patterns. Next stop is Lions of Lefaivre tourney next weekend. I will be fishing it with Ben Woo and since bass season is not open yet we are literally going to have no practice for it! We placed in 53rd out of 116 last year with a 5lbs largie caught by Ben less then a hour before weigh-in. Even without any practice I'm confident we can do better this year.