Wednesday, July 6, 2011

First win of the season!

July 1st, 2011

I was fishing a charity Pro/Am event from today with Christian Grenier. Christian had been the observer in my boat on day 1 last year at the Berkley B1 and he was happy to be able to fish and not only "observe" today.

We started fishing a few shallow areas for smallies and couldn't get a fish to bite for the first hour or so... The 2nd area was a spot closer to the main lake and had a lot of fish on it. We drifted a few times over it and both had our limit quickly. Christian had a 4lbs + smallmouth jump out the water and spit his tube back at him..... It was there that he learned to put his rod tip down when the fish is about to jump! We then proceeded to a main lake sand flat that I was checking out for the 2nd time... we had a few fish follow and bump our baits but they wouldn't take it fully. I tried throwing plastics for awhile but seeing as I didn't really know the area I decided it was time to go hunt for a largemouth kicker!

The first area we did had decent largies swimming around us but no matter what bait we threw, they didn't care one bit. We tried all kinds of baits and techniques for about 30 mins and couldn't get a fish to bite. That's when I realized I had to try Caro's favorite bait.... To my surprise, I caught a 3lbs largemouth on my first cast and a smallie on the next one. Seeing as I had already about 9 lbs in the livewell... I gave Christian a hook and the special bait for him to start catching. He started catching fish immediatly but not the size we were hoping for. We moved around a little bit and tried tossing the frog hoping to catch a big largemouth at the end of the day but couldn't really upgrade what we already had.

My 3 fish weighed-in at 9.85lbs good for 1st place on the pro side and Christian's fish got him 4th place I think. All in all we had a very fun day on the water. I always have a blast fishing with new people and I hope they have this event again next year.