Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sonar 101

I was out on the water today with Crash and Caro for a little practice. We decided to participate in a local bass tournament held by a tackle store nearby in about 2 weeks. They are expecting about 50 teams so the competition should be interesting.

I bought an expensive sonar 2 years ago and I mainly use it for depts and water temperature but today I thought I would try to locate deep water bass with it and it worked! After reading up on sonars quite a bit over the last few days I decided to put it to the test. Water temperature today was around 75 in most places and we had a light N wind. The first spot wasn't a success but we were looking on the sonar for a hard bottom more then actual fish. Using the sonar again for the 2nd spot we found a nice underwater structure in 17 feet of water. I caught a small bass with a tube on the first cast and Caro lost one that bent her rod in half! We stayed there for another 10 minutes and Caro caught a small walleye that was a bit too small to keep. Seeing as we were now getting a stronger W wind and I had a feeling they were starting to feed I decided to try shallower water with a rocky bottom that was receiving the wind. It didn't take 3 cast with my worm before I hooked a nice smallmouth of almost 3lbs. She jumped higher then any other smallmouth before and a few times too!

We fished for another 15 mins and then we headed home since a small storm was coming our way. No pictures today... I decided the bass would have to be at least 3lbs to be on this blog! We should be back on the water tomorrow for more tournament practice!