Sunday, August 10, 2008

Deep water smallies!

I took a "little" break from fishing because of a bad case of food poisoning... but I am back in shape now and if the weather lets me, I will be on the water almost everyday!

I was on the lake today with my dad and Caro hoping to find more spots for the upcoming local tourney. We tried fishing a point that looked very promising but ended up catching only small ones... I knew there was a good largemouth spot nearby so I decided to give it a try but with the lack of wind and intense sun it made things complicated, let alone the fact that there was about a million boats on the water... We had a light W wind and water temp was still about the same as usual. After having no success at catching largemouth we decided to head back for that point before going home and it ended up being the right choice! Caro hooked a nice smallmouth about an once shy of 3lbs and missed 2 more and my dad caught a tiny one at the same time. I missed 2 decent sized smallmouth trying new lures... I let my dad and Caro use the lure of choice today which was again... the tube today! Different color though!