Monday, September 29, 2008

I caught a whale!

September 28th, 2008

I was on the water again today with my new boat. Caro decided to join me again for some largemouth fishing. Water temperature is still 67-68 in most places and we had a very light NE wind. We missed a few nice fish on top water but I hooked a respectable one eventually with a sizmo frog. I decided to try deeper water since the water level dropped by about 2-3 feet in the last week or so. I was flipping isolated cover with a flipping tube and a half ounce weight and I wasn't getting any bites so I decided to pitch on the other side of the boat in open water. That's when I felt a HUGE hit.... The weight felt like it was a musky and I was sure my line was going to break since I didn't have a leader on but it didn't... The fish was peeling line off my reel so easy it was scary!! I had to follow the fish for awhile with the trolling motor because it was about to empty my spool... When it came to the surface I saw right away that it was a freshwater drum.. but a HUGE one! Nothing like the other one I caught before. This one was gigantic! When Caro saw the fish she didn't want to have anything to do with it. She said :"There is no way you are bringing this in the boat!" After a good 5 minutes of fighting the fish and convincing Caro to grab the net we managed to boat the fish safely. My scale was out of batteries and I didn't have a tape to measure it but it had to be over 20lbs.... I would bet anything that it was even closer to 25... Either way it's the biggest freshwater fish I have ever caught and it was a blast! We released it and when I got home I looked up the net to find out it might of been the Canadian Record!!! The biggest Fresh Water Drum recorded in Canada was 20.60lbs... Had I know I was close to the record I would've asked someone nearby to weigh and measure the fish for me! This fish made my day that's for sure. I can't wait for next weekend as we're approaching the turnover!