Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tough fishing

October 4th, 2008

I was on a local lake today with Marc and Felix for both smallmouth and largemouth. I had a feeling fishing was going to be tough with the water temp dropping by almost 10 degrees since last weekend. Add to this the INTENSE 25+km/h wind and the result was pretty much what I had expected.... I have to say that I was hoping for at least one or two bass but we caught NOTHING! Actually, I caught a 15lbs+ catfish that gave me a hell of a fight... I don't know what's going on lately but I'm catching everything except bass!! At least I got to try out my new boat in 3-4 footers and I was more then impressed with the ride. Who said bassboats are not good in waves? I was going 40-50 mph in those waves and the boat was taking it just fine! Needless to say my friends were VERY impressed with the boat. I missed a good size largemouth but that was the only action we had besides the catfish. I should be back on the water tomorrow to practice for a tournament next weekend.