Thursday, June 11, 2009

Finally paying off!

June 7th, 2009

I was out with my friend Marc and the girlfriends today trying to catch a nice walleye dinner.

I've been trying all kinds of new lures that I have never used before but I think we found something pretty effective today... I'm also new to the concept of jigging..I don't usually fish vertically for bass but I think i'm slowly getting the hang of it. I tried a few lines and fireline is definately my favorite type of line for this type of fishing. Keeping a tight line is critical to feel those tiny bites and fluorocarbon or mono just don't have enough sensivity in my opinion.

We started fishing late in the afternoon at a spot where I usually catch a few small ones and Marc caugh the first one which ended being perfect eating size. We stayed there a bit and missed a few fish until we decided to try another area nearby that was a bit shallower but with a fair amount of current.

Changing spot ended up being the right decision.. It took less then 10 cast before Marc hooked the biggest walleye I had ever seen in about 10 feet of water. We even had a hard time fitting it in the net!!

It was a thrill to see a walleye of this size.. It only weighed in under 8lbs but it looked like it could've been way heavier then that... I can only imagine how big a quinte 15lbs walleye must be..

All in all it was a fun day with the girlfriends on the water and we caught fish for diner!