Monday, June 22, 2009

Berkley B1

June 18-21st, 2009

Well... It's been a very busy but awsome week with the B1 event. I didn't get to practice nearly enough eventhough it's my home lake.... The fish were a lot shallower then I though and my spots didn't produce as well as usual... It was my first big event and eventhough we didn't make the cut i'm satisfied with my weekend in general. We missed 2 very good fish that would've easily helped us make the cut for sunday.... We missed it by less then 2lbs... It was nice to fish against real pros like Kalonka, Kulik, Sim, Attwood, Izumi, Desforges, Gaussiran, Landry, Cousineau, etc..

Congrats to André Laforce and Michel Gramina on the win!! Over 35lbs with an amazing largemouth lunker of 7.2lbs!!!

It was a great event and I'm definitely doing it again next year!! Ben and his team worked hard for this event and it showed! I think they will take all the feedbacks and make it even better for next year.

Next tournament is Lac Des Deux Montagnes for the first event of Econ O Bass. I cannot wait for this... Practice is in order though... I almost never fish this lake but I know there are some awsome smallies there!!

I'm off to Lac Des Iles for a few days. First time on this lake but I hear bass fishing there is amazing!! Looking forward to this trip!!

Pictures of the B1: