Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fishing Paradise!!

June 24, 25, 26th, 2009

We were up north for a few days with friends in St-Aimé-Du-Lac-Des-Iles on a lake I had never been before... Lac Des Iles is definitely one of the nicest place I have ever been bass fishing. The amount of bass you can catch in a day is unbelievable.... It would've been impossible to keep count of how many bass we caugh. Both smallies and largies are EVERYWHERE... You get bit at least every 2nd cast. Granted we caught our share of small bass but everyone single one of them were a blast to fight back to the boat. You catch so many fish that you start looking for big ones quickly and we found a few chunky fish on our first day. Actually, Caro was on fire and she caught ALL the big fish on her favorite yamamoto bait. She caught 2x 19"+ and lost another one in less then 15 mins...

Water temps were anywhere between 75 and 80 as the day went on and slightly warmer in isolated bays. Water is very clear and we had very little wind the whole time we were there which made sight fishing a lot of fun. The weather was mostly sunny with clear skys and we have the sunburns that came with it!!

It was a very relaxing trip with a lot of time spent on the bass boat. I will definitely make this a yearly trip and try to book the same cottage. Enjoy the pictures!