Thursday, July 30, 2009

Biggest Bass of the season in practice!

July 26th, 2009

I was fishing with Caro and Marc-André today and we were trying to establish a plan for my next tournament on the Ottawa River in Lefaivre. I wanted to make sure to cover a lot of water with different baits to see where and what the fish were after. As usual.. Caro was hammering them but with a worm this time and on light line... I was actually surprised that she was able to boat them with a spinning outfit. The water is still very dirty from all the wind and rain we've been having but the fish were still biting... Caro caught 2 good largemouth and 1 very nice smallmouth in less then 1 hour of fishing. I was mostly throwing a frog and Marc-André was flipping a jig. I wasn't getting any attacks on the frog.. I think the wind might of been a bit too strong for the frog so I switched to a worm for awhile but I wasn't getting bit either.. We finally got to a tiny bay that was covered from the wind and Marc-André decided to give the frog another try and got a hit almost instantly but missed it. He threw the frog back and that's when a GIANT largemouth came out of the water and smashed it! It was probably the biggest largemouth I had ever seen... I couldn't believe that it measured only 19"... It's back was so wide it was impossible to be under 5lbs... In fact we weighed it twice and it was 5lbs11oz!! She wasn't fat, but she was as thick as a linebacker. I would've love to see her in full spawn!

I marked the area and decided to go fish for smallies for the rest of the day. We caught a few smallies but nothing huge so I think I will concentrate on largemouth for my tournament next saturday... The water was around 68-69 celcius and we had mild east wind for most of the day.

I think we could've had about 13-15 lbs today and considering the results I've seen this year for the Ottawa river I think it was a good day.