Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fishing with a guide on Lake St-Louis

July 25th, 2009

My friend Jack invited me today to fish with a guide on Lac St-Louis for some bass and walleye. We were meeting him at the dock in Lachine at 6am. We started the day fishing a shoal for smallmouth bass but we couldn't get one to bite... we had a few follow our baits but none of them would commit. We relocated a few times but the same thing was happening... We decided to go fish for walleye to see if they would cooperate a little more. On the first spot we caught 3-4 small ones and a few tiny bass as well. The guide finally missed a nice sized walleye and caught another decent one. We were drifting and jigging on a 200 yards stretch and it seemed like it was a good spot for walleye but for some reason, I think I would've fished it differently.... I'll make sure to try it again some other day to see if I can get some decent walleye. The area we fished was nice because we had nice walleye and bass spots really close to each other. About mid day we decided to try for smallmouth again and he brought us on a spot that had a lot of nice smallmouth but it took a lot of work to convince them to take our baits... I finally caught 2 good sized smallies and missed a few more.

At the end of the day the guide said he wasn't satisfied with his day and that he was going to bring us back for free in the fall. Apparently he catches monster after monster in the fall so i'm looking forward to this!