Saturday, September 12, 2009

A nice little tournament on the Ottawa

Sept 5th, 2009

I was fishing a 2 fish tournament from today with Caro on the Ottawa river. I am really not a big fan of this place and I don't fish it nearly enough... We caught our biggest bass of the year (5.11lbs) on the Ottawa but I find it's a hard place to fish. I always struggle to make a limit but I'm usually able to find at least one big fish.

Water conditions were bad as usual... very murky on the river with some clear water in protected bays. I started immediatly where we caught our huge largemouth earlier this summer but couldn't even get a bite... I was flipping a jig and throwing a frog and Caro was throwing a worm and her favorite yamamoto bait. We eventually found a nice place where there was a little more current caused by the light wind and Caro started catching smallies. She caught 3 in about 10 mins but they were all just over 2lbs.

We decided to try a completely new area in a very shallow bay. It looked like a frog fishing paradise. I finally hooked a decent fish over 2.5lbs on a frog and Caro managed to catch a largemouth just a bit bigger then her smallmouth so we had to switch them. About 45 mins before the end of the tournament, I missed a 4lbs largemouth TWICE! She was in stick weeds in less then 2ft of water and attacked my frog on 2 consecutive casts. I followed back with the worm but could never conviced her into biting again... We continued fishing the bay for the rest of the tournament and Caro managed 2 other fish over 2lbs that didn't helped our cause..

We ended up with a mediocre 5lbs bag but still had a blast and I was glad to have a few new waypoints on my GPS.