Saturday, September 12, 2009

The study on Francis continues...

Sept 6th, 2009

I was fishing with my brother and Caro today on Lake St-Francis exploring the same area i've been fishing recently but trying new spots. Drop shot, tubes and gobies were on the menu for the smallies today and the plan was to fish from 20 to 45ft for most of the day. We had a light NE wind that slowed down our drifts just a bit too much but I made a few ajustements and we started catching them.

We must of caught around 35 smallies today. We were catching a lot of fish but we couldn't get anything over 3lbs really... We tried shallower water but the sun was intense and although we could see a lot of nice fish on the sand it seemed like they had already seen us and wanted nothing to do with our lures.

We had an "ok" day today and would've probably had around 15lbs which is not nearly enough for this lake! If I continu to fish this lake this often I can't imagine the amount of spots i'll have in 5 years!