Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sharing spots!

Sept 7th, 2009

Caro and I were fishing Lake St-Louis today. Marc-André and his girlfriend were going to fish with us but on his boat. I had a few smallmouth spots I wanted to show him and he had a few largemouth spots of his own that we wanted to check out in the afternoon. Weather was nice and we had almost no wind.

We caught a few small fish around 2lbs on my first spot on tubes, spidergrubs and gobies and Marc-André missed a 3lbs. We tried another of my spot where I had caught a few nice largemouths in the past and Marc-André missed 2 nice fish flipping a worm and I spooked a largemouth that looked decent.

We left for his spots in the beginning of the afternoon and Caro missed a nice fish on the frog and so did I. We tried following up with the worm but couldn't get her to bite. Before going home I decided one of my spots and caught a good 4lbs largemouth flipping a worm in the pads...

We decided to try to catch a walleye for dinner but after 40 mins and no fish we decided to head home and have some nice t-bones on the bbq instead!