Monday, October 19, 2009

Battling the NE winds!

October 18th, 2009

We were out again a bit later then usual today with Dave and Caro for another try at some fall smallies. Water temps are still in the low 50's in most areas we fished but the fish are still biting well with a slower approach. We started shallow on two spots and I was the only to get a bite on the tube. Dave and I tried moving baits for a while in shallower water and I only got one follow.... I knew right away that we had to switch to a slower presentation. It wasn't until we tried drifting in deeper water that I hooked a good 4lbs smallmouth on the drop shot. Caro followed with a nice one just as big shorty after. I knew this drift was hot so I decided to do it over a few times while they were biting. Caro and I were catching them but Dave was having a hard time and he was feeling the pressure!! Guys hate to see someone else catch fish when they are not.... and now... he was being outfish by a girl!! :P He finally caught his first fish and it was good one but not as big as the two momma's Caro and I had caught.

We decided to try the same pattern in a few similiar areas and caught fish here and there but nothing big enough... We stopped fishing it was past 6pm and the sun was almost out! We must of caught over 20 smallies today and some really decent fish but we were still missing one or two giants! I know they are there somewhere and it's only a matter of time before I find at least one.