Monday, October 19, 2009

You gotta hate those NE Winds!!

October 17th, 2009

I was suppose to take a kid fishing today on St-Louis but they were announcing strong NE Winds and cold weather... I had to postpone my trip on Lake St-Louis with Gabriel but I promised him we were going to get a decent day before the end of the season! Caro and I decided to try a calmer area on a different lake where I knew the wind wouldn't be that bad. We felt a bit lazy this morning and decided to trade a few hours of fishing for a bit more sleep!! We've been having a few cold nights recently so i'm pretty sure the morning fishing is not as good anyways (yeah right.. who am I kidding?). Water temps are now in the low 50's in most areas.

I decided to try a few areas I had marked on my GPS that could potentially hold some good smallies. Caro hates it when I try new spots because she wants to catch fish and she wants to catch them NOW!! It was a good thing I tried though because I caught the biggest fish of the day on this new spot!! It's always nice when you mark a spot on the GPS before actually going and when you get there you catch a 4lbs+ ..

We drifted for the remainder of the day all the way till 6pm and caught some fish but it wasn't a very productive day afterall. The NE winds coming at 15-20kmh is really making it hard to drift properly over my good spots and I wasn't able to make the right ajustments before the end of the day.