Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tournament Day - Lion de Lefaivre

June 26th, 2010

We got there early hoping we could test a new prop seeing as the last one didn't get us out of the hole quickly enough... Sadly, the new prop didn't help. We thought that maybe it was the motor that had to be raised so we took the boat out of the water 10 minutes before blast off. We figured we didn't care to get to our spot 10 mins late if it was going to help us get out of the hole faster... We ended up losing 20 minutes for nothing since no matter what we did, it seemed to make things worse. The prop ended up being too small and was spinning to fast and didn't pick up water properly causing the motor to overheat... We couldn't go over 45mph all day on top of not being able to get out of the hole!! Hopefully everything will be setup properly for Ben's next tournament on two mountains.

We started flipping a weedline and only managed to get one small largemouth in the livewell... After about an hour we decided it was time to fill that livewell with smallies but when we got to our spots... nobody was home. We spend about an hour in an area that usually always holds a few good smallies and only caught a pike. We decided to go back to largies to see if we could find some post-spawn females that were in transition areas. Again, we caught some small fish that didn't help the cause but filled our limit... At around 2pm, Ben hooked into a monster largemouth of 5.40lbs that got us all excited but unfortunatly, we coudn't get another decent fish. We thought we might of had a chance at a lunker prize but the biggest fish of the tournament came in at a whooping 6.83lbs!!! Our total weight for 5 bass was 11 and change for a dissapointing result...

Even with all the problems we had that day we still had a lot of fun.. It was nice to see everyone and I will be attending the event again next year with hopefully better results!!

Next up is two moutains and it's going to hard!!