Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Checking things out on St-Louis

June 27th, 2010

Caro and I had enough of the ottawa river and lake two mountains so we decided to go check out lake St-Louis for a change. We got on the water just before noon and headed straight for largemouths. The water is abnormaly low for this time of year but the fish are still there and biting! The first area we tried had deeper, ultra clear water and some very interesting cover. After about 30 mins and only a 2.5lbs we decided to go check some other areas that had produced some good fish in the passed. This proved to be the right decision because in less then an hour I had over 15lbs with only 4 fish!! It was fun to finally catch some decent fish... especially since most of them were caught sight fishing where I had to convince them to bite for at least 5 mins! The largies have no problem adapting to the low water levels.... Some healthy fish as you can see!

I should be back on St-Louis with my good friend Mark on thursday trying to see what the smallies are doing! :)