Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hookset 101 on the Ottawa

July 25th, 2010

I was fishing a completely new area with Caro today on the Ottawa River hoping to find something different for the upcoming Econobass tournament. The conditions were perfect to practice with little wind and almost no clouds in the sky. We started by flipping an outside weedline and got bit almost instantly on the frog. The fish missed the frog and never went for it again... We tried a few other baits but there were no takers. We then continued flipping the weedline and got bit almost every 5-10 mins but couldn't get them in the boat. We were flipping deep into the vegetation and for some reason.... we couldn't get the big fish to the boat. I missed a real giant largie on the jig and I was able to see her completely before she spit my jig out.... It felt good to fish a new area and being able to find fish almost right away but it was such a disappointment that we were not able to get them in the boat. This year has been my worst year in terms of landing big fish... Let's hope that my landing ratio gets better for the remainder of the season.

Before going home I decided we would give the smallies a try for an hour and we found some good ones right away. No giant by any means but some 3lbs+ on our first area is always nice.

I'm happy with how our day went but I’m definitely going back there at least once before the tournament.