Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vacation fishing!

July 18 - 22nd, 2011

It's no surprise that Caro and I spent most of our vacation fishing again this year. We spent 2 hard days of practice looking for smallmouth and largemouth on lake 2 Mountains. I know this lake has good smallies but it's also the most dangerous lake we have around here and I don't like risking losing my lower unit every time I'm out there looking for them. I was able to fish some new water but again the conditions made it difficult and the reward was somewhat interesting but too risky for the tournament, unless we get very little wind. I really wanted to concentrate on finding new smallies and put very little time on the largies.... Most of the largies are all in the same area and a lot of boats are fighting for the same spots. Practice ended up not being so good but we did find a few interesting stuff on the last day just before getting off the water that was promising for the tournament.

We were also on lake St-Louis, St-Francis and other local lakes for some fun fishing.

Here are a few pics from our vacation: