Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ottawa River practice time!

July 16th, 2012

Bar and I were fishing the Ottawa river today.  We have a tournament in 2 weeks and seeing as this is by far our toughest event of the season we felt that starting early was a good idea.

We were on the water early and the weather was just perfect for practice.  As usual for this river, it was hard to get a good bite going but we were able to find a somewhat reliable smallie bite.  We flipped for a while and finally hooked into a decent size largemouth.  The chance that I catch her again in 2 weeks is slim to none but at least the area seemed like it could be holding more fish.

We mainly fished for smallies for the rest of the day and caught some more in different scenarios, but nothing spectacular.  We ended the day flipping a nice weedline and missed 2 bites... Let's hope we can catch 'em in 2 weeks!! The overall weights on the Ottawa river have been low for most and we are no exception.  Perhaps we can find more stuff next weekend and have a solid plan for our event on July 28th.