Saturday, July 21, 2012

Frenzy on Louis!

July 21st, 2012

I was fishing with my buddy Remi today on Lake St.Louis.  Weather conditions were perfect to look for new areas so we started somewhere we had never been and spotted smallies almost instantly.  With no wind and bright sun it was easy to spot the smallies on sand flats.  We were originally heading to this area looking for a largemouth bite but Lake St.Louis is awesome for this... You will often find smallies and largies schooling together.

Our second stop was an obvious feeding spot and we were able to catch 2 decent largies in the 3lbs range.  Some good sized smallies were seen roaming around our baits but unfortunetly none of them bit.  We spent the rest of the morning working a new sand flat quickly on the trolling motor and found tons of smallies in all sizes.  At this point we had a nice mixed bag with no fish under 3lbs and plenty of time to fish!

The afternoon was spent fishing another area with rock piles and sand and the result was very similiar with plenty of fish in the 2.5 to 4lb range.  We had a beautiful day so far but we needed a kicker fish to make it even better.  About mid-afternoon I hooked into a monster smallie that bit a 3/8oz tube..... She gave me one hell of a fight and had Remi running around with the net like a madman.  One of my biggest smallmouth on Lake St.Louis in a while that's for sure!

Great fishing, great weather, great company!  I have a feeling we'll be doing more fishing together very soon!