Monday, August 18, 2008

Bass Boat Extreme!

We went directly for largemouth today with my friend Marc-André considering the success we had the day before. It was a bit more cloudy then yesterday with even stronger wind from the SW again. Water temperature was a bit warmer where we fished so I had a good feeling.... we had all the ingredients for a great day. I hooked and lost (AGAIN) a big largemouth on my 3rd cast of the day..... I really thought I had her on my flipping jig but she wrapped her self in lily pads and managed to get off. I had my tension set real tight and I'm flipping with 50lbs power pro line.... This fish could of easily been 5lbs but I guess we'll never know! We tried a nearby area that produced a 3lbs bass almost immediately. I think I might have found my favorite flipping jig... I've been catching largemouth consistently with this jig and had several others following it to the boat.

We tried another spot where Marc caught a near 6lbs bass the day before but we got almost nothing.... Marc got the only bass out of a patch of pads but that was it.... I missed one on the jig. I think the were really tight on cover and with the intense wind we had a hard time getting to them. I tried a spinner bait to see if I could at least catch a few active fish but the result was the same...

The wind was blowing pretty hard on us at this point so we decided to try a nearby area where the wind wouldn't be as bad. The ride there was completely nuts! We were going full speed in 3-4 footers with his new boat! The wind was in our favor for some nice smallmouth drifting but we only caught small ones doing so. We stayed there a bit and caught plenty of tiny fish but nothing worth taking pictures... In all it was a tough day and we didn't really catch any quality fish but it's always a blast fishing on a bass boat.