Saturday, August 16, 2008


Our local tournament was cancelled today but we decided to see if we would've had a good day anyways...

Water temperature dropped a little with all the cool nights we had recently but it's still about 72-73 in most places we went. We had a good 10-12 km/h SW wind today and we should've taken advantage of it a bit more. We started a little later then we should've and the smallmouth weren't active at all so we decided to go for largemouth instead. The first area paid off immediatly as I hooked into a giant but I lost it in the pads.... I decided to try another stretch of lily pads that looked promising and it paid off right away as I hooked a nice 3lbs + largemouth on a flipping jig. I had caro tossing a frog but she didn't get one hit.... After a while we decided to give the smallmouths another shot. We tried an area where had success in the past but we only caught small ones. I was on the way to the dock but I decided to stop by a spot where we always catch a big one in the evening and it was the right choice. I hooked and lost what was going to be my biggest bass of the season. I thought I was hung up in weeds but I saw my line move all of a sudden and I set the hook at the same time she jumped and pull my wacky worm right out of her mouth. She had to be close to 6lbs.... it was a true giant! You learn from your mistake I guess.... never again!!