Monday, August 11, 2008

Top water action!

I was out on the water this afternoon with my friends Marc-André and Félix. We had a nice quiet evening to try out my friend's new bassboat! It's now official..... Fiberglass or nothing! It is so much more stable then my aluminum boat it's not even funny... so i'm on the market for a new boat!

We almost had no wind most of the time we were on the water but a light NO wind showed up just before we left. Water temperature is still 73 in most places and apparently it's warm enough for top water action! We started by fishing a point in deep water and we only caught small ones, Felix even got a perfect eating size walleye which he kept for diner. Since we weren't catching what we were looking for I decided to try a nearby area for some shallow feeding smallmouth and it paid off. It took about 5 minutes before we started to catch them... Considering the light wind and the approaching storm I decided to try a pop'R. It took about 10 casts before a small one decided she couldn't resist. Not long after I was catching a good 2.5lbs+ the same way. In all, we caught about 10 smallies and I broke a rod but I got to fish in a bassboat! I have a feeling this boat is going to see lots of action for the rest of the season and probably some monster fall smallies!