Monday, July 5, 2010

Econ-O-Bass - Lake Two Mountains

July 3rd, 2010

Today was our first official Econobass tournament of the season and it was hard for everybody. Since we were able to get there first, we decided to fish a very popular shallow bay where we had caught some good fish the previous year. My dad caught a fish as soon as we got to our spot and I followed with another one shortly after. Unfortunatly, both of them were very small but it was a start. We stayed in that bay until the W wind picked up to a brutal 20-30kmh. I decided to go see if maybe we could catch a few smallies on the main lake and what a mistake that was! We ended up losing over an hour only to come back right where we had started. I was able to catch 2 more fish flipping a jig in isolated cover but again, not the size we were looking for. I had 2 more good areas to check out before the end of the tournament but the trim on my motor stopped working... I had to ask another team to help me out seeing as I had no clue how to bring my motor down manually. We finally managed to bring the motor down in time for the ride back to the weigh in but we only had 4 fish in the livewell....

I knew it was going to be a hard day for everyone but I had no idea our mediocre 6lbs + bag was going to put us in 15th place out of 45 teams...

Huge congrats to team young guns who finished in 7th place and to my good friends Felix and Marc who caught the biggest smallies of the day for a 6th place finish! Also, way to go Brian and Lyse for an amazing weight of 21lbs..... It's going to take awhile for someone to beat that kind of weight on 2 mountains... especially with only largies!!

Someone caught a few cool pics of my while I was flipping.. Next up is Lake St-Louis!