Thursday, July 15, 2010

Practice for Econobass St-Louis Tournament

July 2010,

I was able to practice for almost 3 days for the Econobass tourney next weekend (July 17th). Practice has been good but I was hoping for better... I was able to get about 15lbs of smallies almost everytime I was out and I know I can get one or 2 largies of 3-4lbs as well. It will depends on a 2 factors, one being the weather and the other will be if others know my spots! I have enough areas for smallies and although I have not found any concentrations of big ones, we were still able to see and miss 2 fish well over 4lbs. No real big fish were caugt in practice, therefore I have no pictures to show you!

The Minnkota 101lbs is finally back on the boat and and i'm sure it will serve me well on saturday! Forecast for saturday is 20km/h W winds with mostly sunny skies. Can't wait for this tournament! The weights will definitely be higher then 2 mountains.

Tight lines!