Friday, June 28, 2013


June 28th, 2013

Yes this website is still alive! Without getting into details, let’s just say 2013 has been a BIG year for me.  I got engaged, had a baby boy and bought a new house.  It's no excuse though... I have been slacking off on the updates but I'll try to do more this year.

Last season was a bit disappointing but we still managed to finish in 8th place overall for the season.  Overall I had a good season and learned quite a bit.

Fishing wise, 2013 has been tough so far.  Were already 3 tournaments in and I placed 37th/63, 11th/22 and 13th/110.  Water is high on the St. Lawrence River and I find it has the bass spread out more than usual.  Spawning is ending on most body of water and post spawn fish are skinny!  

I've been spending a lot of times on Lake St. Louis with 3 tournaments early in the season on this body of water.  Practice has been steady with most fish in the 2.75-3lbs range.  Hoping to find a few 4s before next weekend's tourney.

Going back at it tomorrow with Caro and my dad!

Few pics of fish caught this year :